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History of Doing Good

Although TARA is in its infancy as a private foundation, the humans that make up this organization, its agents and contract staff, have a long history of bringing musical artists together with charities, for the good of both.


It all started many moons ago, when Bob Goldman, TARA’s founder, had this idea that a beautiful, powerful voice like that of Arnold McCuller should be the show, rather than someone’s back up singer.  An opportunity arose to help a then budding charity, Eden Florida (lifespan services for children with autism) and an artist that needed to be known in his own right.  Bob connected the two and with that success, the idea grew.  With Arnold McCuller’s encouragement, Bob then brought Phoebe Snow, Karla Bonoff, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Francine Reed, Ben Taylor and Brandi Carlile into the family of responsible artists.


Encouraged by this success, Bob has created TARA to institutionalize this unique form of charitable giving and receiving and to encourage other donors to give to the cause with some tax benefits (greatly outweighed by the tremendous Kharma and warm fuzzies bestowed on the provider of such largesse)



Beth Nielsen ChapmanHurray! I've been dreaming for years about an organization such as TARA! "Philanthropic Touring" has been a wonderful way for me as an artist to create and expand my fan base while also participating in the generating of much needed funds for worthy causes.  


Working with Robert Goldman and raising money for Eden has been a joy. Deeply committed to making the artist feel like a King or Queen, Goldman has always put together an event that creates a "win-win".  To have a national foundation that helps to re-create what Goldman has accomplished for Eden, is a huge gift to artists and deserving non-profits! 


Beth Nielsen Chapman February 12,2006